Horse Archers


We have updated the images of the Eastern Horse Archers. Light cavalry that you can use with the Polish, Russian and Imperial armies of the Tercios period. Besides you can field them well into the SXVIII with no problem. For added variety tou can mix them with the “croatian” light cavalry which in most european armies refered to east european cavalry more than ethnic origin.


New Releases and some excuses :)

I’m sorry I have been so silent for a full month. I have been busy working to move Wargames Bilbao to bigger premises and Christmas did not help anyway, Well, we are back, I have some candy to show and the webpage is almost ready. 🙂

Perdón por este mes de silencio. He estado ocupado preparando la mudanza de Wargames Bilbao a la nueva tienda (más grande y más céntrica) y todo el lio navideño tampoco ha ayudado mucho. En fin, ya estoy de vuelta y os puedo enseñar algo del curro de Ángel. ¡Ah! La página web está casi lista  🙂

Heavy  cavalry: command and riders with pistol
Caballería pesada: mando y jinetes con pistola

Medium cavalry: command and riders with sword
Caballería media: mando y jinetes con espada

Artillerymen and medium gun. Artilleros y cañón medio