Of size and proportions


Ok, the picture is horrible, I know, but is a phone picture with almost no light, no photografic talent either. Sorry.

Since a lot of you are asking about the height of our miniatures, I have shot a couple of similar poses of Totentanz and Essex. Our figures are sculpted in 1:100 (about 15mm to the eyes) and try to be consistent there with a 1mm variation (up or down) in some figures. The main diference is not in the size but in the proportions, our figures are more humanlike than the usual 15mm so they look higher or out of escale.

What do you think?


Vale, la foto es muy mala. Con un móvil, en la tienda y con poca luz. Tampoco soy muy bueno en esto de la fotografía.

Muchos nos estáis pidiendo una comparativa de tamaño de nuestras figuras, he fotografiado poses similares de Toten y Essex. Nuestras figuras están esculpidas en 1:100 (15mm a los ojos, milímetro arriba o abajo. La diferencia principal no está en el tamaño sino en las proporciones. Las figuras de Toten son más estilizadas de lo habitual, por eso parecen más grandes 🙂

Los que ya tenéis figuras nuestras ¿qué decís?

August releases

Available August last week


30YW CAB 31 Caballería pesada con espada / Heavy cavalry sword
30YW INF 32 Cosacos a pie, disparando / Foot cossacks shooting
30YW INF 33 Haiduks a pie, disparando /  Haiduks shooting
30YW CAB 34 Cosacos a caballo, tropa /  Cossacks mounted, troopers
30YW CAB 35 Cosacos a caballo, mando / Cossacks mounted, command
30YW CAB 36 Heavy cossacks / Pancerni, tropa / Heavy cossacks / pancerni, troopers
30YW CAB 37 Heavy cossacks / Pancerni, command /  Heavy cossacks / pancerni, mando



Horse Archers


We have updated the images of the Eastern Horse Archers. Light cavalry that you can use with the Polish, Russian and Imperial armies of the Tercios period. Besides you can field them well into the SXVIII with no problem. For added variety tou can mix them with the «croatian» light cavalry which in most european armies refered to east european cavalry more than ethnic origin.