Free rules at Warlord Games


Today you have atthe Warlord Games webshop three rulesets in free digital download. All three are worth it, so you know. The rules are:

Black Powder that includes a module for the 1st Carlist War 😀

Pike and Shoote, for the period of the English Civil War / 30 Years War 😀  😀

Hail Caesar for the ancient and medieval period.

The three rules share mechanics, but they are different and give «good feeling» of their historical period.

Here you have the link to the page of the WG store where you can get the pdfs

Why so many command groups?

A lot of people ask why we bother making multiple command groups instead of sculpting more troop types. Simply, I believe in diversity on the battle board. Troopers, soldiers, warriors, the bread and butter of an army, usually get variants enough to look good in units, but I hate to have just the same three/four guys directing every unit on the field. So we always try to sculpt several command groups with the idea that you can mix and match the different sets to make units that look unique.


Besides, you can use the odd artillery officer to give some more variance. I love this little guy that Angel sculpted for the ottomman artillery  😉

French Infantry for Team Yankee updated


We have received another batch from the foundry, including more Franch Infantry.
We had designed the packs to be as much historical accurate as posible but since you are asking for Team Yankee compatible sets I have uploaded three:

MILAN DETACHMENT, with eight MILAN teams

The vehicles are not included, just the infantry. You can get the vehicles by singles and fours.

New releases

Available at the webshop  😉


30YWINF46 Western Dragoons shooting on foot (8figures) 4,25 €


30YWINF47 Western Dragoons Command on foot (4 figures) 3,00 €


30YWCAB48 Western Dragoons Mounted Helmet (3 Horses + 3 Riders) 4,25 €


30YWCAB49 Western Dragoons Mounted Hat (3 Horses + 3 Riders) 4,25 €


30YWCAB50 Western Dragoons Mounted Command  (3 Horses + 3 Riders) 4,25 €


30YWINF51 Polish Hajduk command (4 figures) 3,00 €


30YWINF52 Polish Hajduk shooting (8 figures) 4,25 €

Webshop down

After an actualization the webshop went down. We are working on it. Soryy for any inconveniences.

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😦 😦 😦