Kickstarter, lock and ready ;)

Next April 1st at 00:00 GMT+2 we’ll launch our first Kickstarter. It will last 21 days.

In this KS will cover the troops and material of the Spanish Army in the 80’s. The figures and vehicles are sculpted to 1:100 scale. 15mm to the eyes. Same scale as Battlefront Team Yankee Miniatures.

Next, we will cover the French Armee. Some of the vehicles are common for both armies, the AMX30 and the AMX ROLAND.
Right now, we are sculpting he VAB and the ERC10 🙂

Finally, we will model the Italian troops and vehicles, so finishing the SOUTH FLANK main armies.





If you click on the picture you’ll be redirected to the web of Kickstarter for the Spanish Army of the 80’s. The KS campign will start next April 1st. Again, no joke  😉

Si clicais en la imagen ireis a la página del KS para la campaña que empezaremos el próximo 1 de Abril. Al menos, entre nosotros no hay posibilidad de error con los del April’s Fool  😀

Kickstarter NATO86

We are about to launch the Kickstarter NATO86 / SOUTH FLANK. Not yet active but you could help us checking for error and promoting it if you like what yoy see  😉

You can go to the KS page clicking on the image below.


A punto de lanzar el Kickstarter de NATO86 / FLANCO SUR. Aún no está activo, pero nos podeis ayudar buscando errores y promocionandolo si lo que veis os gusta  🙂

Podeis ir a la página provisional picando sobre la imagen.