NATO86, ready


NATO 86 will be our first Kickstarter so, I don’t want to risk anything. Right now most of the product is ready so we can start sending parcels as soon as the Kickstarter ends. Tomorrow we’ll receive the wheels and other metal fittings parts and we are ready  😉


Reorganizing the web


The number of references and ranges are growing steadly. A fairly lot of the figures under the Tercio line are Eastern Europe references and now they have their own title «Eastern Eagles». The new Ottomans will release in the Babiali label and so with every new line, Carlist War, Nato86, etc.


You have a link to every range in the red menu and with a graphic label down in the homepage. We have a lot of work ahead, so if you realize any bad link, or any other trouble, please send me a note to


Decisions, decisions, bl#@y decisions


Moulds are ready. We have the vehicles and infantry ready fro production. Now, the decision is Kickstart it, or not Kickstart it. Kickstarter is good to know how many resine moulds we will need for the vehicles and how many sales to expect for next releases. Besides KS offers a projection we would not reach through FB and our web only. I have to make a decision today. Anyway it should be a short KS. What would you think?
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