Ready your Pike! 15mm Thirty Years War models review.

A great comparative review of Totentanz Miniatures by Fredrik Carrasco


I’ve always been fascinated with the 17th century. Fascinated by the somewhat bizarre meeting of old and new ideas and technology that escalated into a number of devastating conflicts which would change the social and political life of the early modern European states. Not to mention the flamboyant baroque fashion, culture, and arts – and how it impacted the very way people thought of themselves in relation to earlier periods in European history. This historical process can easily be summed up in, and approached through, the Thirty Years War that ravaged the European continent for almost half a century. The book Ofredsår (Years of discord or Unpeaceful years) by the Swedish historian Peter Englund, is a great piece of literature that covers everything from the fates of career seeking officers of the burgeois, to the hardships of the German peasantry whose lands were plagued by foreign states that used the war…

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I hate these guys


As you know, these miniatures are not mine. They are the work of Angel Terol as sculptor and  Ruben Torregrosa as painter. I just… well, I just saw how they make their magic with my ideas. I really hate them, they are the most talented people I know. Both  are incredible fast and reliable guys…  Bah!, just some pictures now that the Cossacks range is finished.


And here at Totentanz, Gaizka Basaldua and Sarai Navarro who sort figures, make quality checks, bag the miniatures and support my wildest ideas. Thank you!!!



And now some pictures of the whole Tercio range