October references available


30YWCAB36  Pancerni/heavy cossack, tropa (3 caballos + 3 jinetes) 4.25 €

30YWCAB37 Pancerni/heavy cossack mando (3 caballos + 3 jinetes) 4.25 €


30YWINF38 Cossack artillerymen (4 figures) 4.25 €


30YWINF39 Cossack calivermen (8 figures) 4.25 €


30YWCAB40  Mounted Cossacks with sword (3 figures + 3 horses) 4.25 €


Corvus Belli, with a vengeance :)


Corvus Belli (www.corvusbelli.com) and Totentanz Miniatures (www.totentanz-miniatures.com) have reached an agreement to produce, under license, Corvus Belli’s 15mm historical miniature ranges which went out of production a time ago. Soon we will publish the release schedule with the planning for making this figures, you have been longing for, available again.

Early Imperial Roman, Celts and Hundred Years War ranges will be available for Christmas, and during the first quarter of 2017 the rest of the ranges should hit the shelves: Iberians, Carthaginians, Numidians, et. al.

Corvus Belli (www.corvusbelli.com) y Totentanz Miniatures (www.totentanz-miniatures.com) han llegado a un acuerdo para producir, bajo licencia, las gamas de miniaturas de 15mm históricos producidos por Corvus Belli hasta hace unos meses. En unos días vamos a publicar el calendario de lanzamientos con la planificación para hacer disponibles de nuevo estas añoradas figuras.

Imperio romano temprano, celtas y Guerra de los 100 años estarán disponibles para Navidad, y a principios de 2017 el resto de las líneas: íberos, cartagineses, númidas y demás.




Beside the alliance with the Ottoman Sultanate, the Crimean Khanate also made alliances with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Zaporizhian Sich. The assistance of İslâm III Giray during the Khmelnytsky Uprising in 1648 contributed greatly to the initial momentum of military successes for the Cossacks.

Those are the WIP of the command and mounted archer references. More to come  🙂