Planning the ranges. Thank you!!!


I want to thank you for your orders and kind words and specially for you volunteering to help in research and for send your ideas to expand the ranges or for new ranges

Sunday morning and spending some time  planning the Ottoman and American Revolution (American War of Independence for you over the Ocean) ranges. At least for  the AWI is easy to get  graphic references.The Turkish are a nightmare, it’s easy to get references but not so easy to crosscheck them, so some figures will be more speculative than I would like.


Example, those are suitable figures for Azaps/Sekbans, Balkanic and Levantine but how do you traslate this hat? Any of you have a visual reference of the acual thing? I would like to model them in the two flavours and I know those are contemporanean drawings but…  🙂

I would like to make some articles talking about the use of diferent miniatures to make most varied units (you can use the heavy Cossacks reference to add variety to your Timariot spahis in the Turkish army or for the Russian armies of the period) but I’m not able to get the time. Well, someday  🙂