We are about to release the June models for our Tercio range: Polish Pancerni cavalry for the 30 Years War period.

30YW CAB27 – Pancerni troopers (three horses and three riders)
30YW CAB28 – Pancerni command (three horses and three riders)

Pancerni [WIP]


With the horse archers released is time to show the figures scheduled for June. Just a peek of the incoming pancerni.

Ya están disponibles los arqueros a caballo, asi que aquí tenéis un atisbo de las novedades de Junio, Grupo de mando de pancerni  😉

June releases for Tercio/ Novedades de Junio en Tercio

30YWCAB27 Pancerni troopers
30YWCAB28 Pancerni command

30YWCAB30 Heavy Cavalry with swords


AMX30 work in progress

El «bisho» va cogiendo forma  /  the beast slowly shaping  😉

We are working the final stages of the AMX30 You can see the disposition of the exhausts and the mount of the 20mm coaxial of the French version, which in the Spanish mbts was substituted by a 12,5 Browning HMG.

Iker está trabajando en las ultimas fases del AMX30. Podeis ver las parrillas de los escapes, la disposición del tren y el montaje del 20mm de la versión francesa, que en los carros españoles se sustituia con una Browning de 12,50

Croatian cavalry


A guide by Rube Torregrosa (Heresy) to paint the «croatian» cavalry of the Imperial Armies of the 30YW. Although named «Croats» those regiments were mostly Polish light cavalry.

This references can be suplemented and mixed with the new eastern horse archers about to be released next week.