How many spokes has your wheel?

The main ACW carriage had fourteen spokes in its wheels, so do have ours  😉

La rueda de la cureña más usada en la GCA tenía 14 radios, la nuestra los tiene.



Besides the artillerymen are getting in shape  😉

Además los artilleros van cogiendo forma 🙂

Esculpidos / Sculpted by Xan

So, it’s alive but no running yet

Well, days are passing and I think I owe you some information.

We are waiting for the VAT number so we can upload the webpage and start selling to retailers and particulars and serving orders to distributors abroad. Usually is a rather fast administrative process but we are a bit behind schedule.

In the positive, we are about to receive the second wave of Tercio range with unarmored pikemen, some more pikemen in hat, more musketeers, alternative command and field officers on horse. For Dixie, the ACW range, we’ll have some more infantrymen and the first artillery release with artillerymen and a gun with three tubes (napoleon, parrot and 3″ ordnance).

It’s alive!!! :)

Bueno, pues ya han llegado. Vamos a tener una tarde interesante de empaquetado y mañana empezamos a enviar a tiendas  🙂

Finally the parcel with the production copies has arrived. We’ll have an interesting evening getting the miniatures bagged and labeled to send to retailers tomorrow.


Pronto mostraremos fotos de las minis de Noviembre

Soon, we’ll show you the preview of November releases 😉

And yet some more Spanish Flags

Alfons Canovas ha rescatado en su blog un artículo de Julio Albí De la Cuesta para la extinta Researching & Dragona sobre los Tercios. He limpiado y adaptado las banderas del articulo para usarlas con figuras de 15mm.

Alfons Canovas has included in his blog an article by Julio Albí De la Cuesta for the late Researching & Dragona magazine on Tercios. I has cleaned and adapted the flags from the article for use with your 15mm miniatures.


Click on the image to download the pdf  😉
Picad sobre la imagen para descargar el pdf