When will be released the miniatures?

Thank you very much. We are simply overwhelmed. 😀

We are a new company and a very small one. We are working with some of the best Spanish sculptor and painters, although you haven’t seen that yet   🙂

We’ll release the figures first week in October, so they are not available yet. New releases are planned monthly.

We are looking for retailers/distributors worldwide.
Please tip your retailer about our figures if you can.

Thank you!

Tercio: October releases / Novedades de Octubre

October releases / Novedades de Octubre


30YW INF 01 Grupo de mando en reposo / Command standing
4 figuras + partisana y jineta / 4 figures + polearms clip (4 variants) PVP: 2,50€


30YW INF 02 Coseletes pesados / Pikemen breast and back plate and tassels
8 figuras  / 8 figures (4 variants)  (pikes not included)  PVP: 4,25€


30YW INF 03 Coseletes / Pikemen breast and back plate
8 figuras  / 8 figures (4 variants)  (pikes not included)  PVP: 4,25€


30YW INF 04 Mosqueteros I / Musketeers I
8 figuras  / 8 figures (4 variants)   PVP: 4,25€


30YW INF 05 arcabuceros en escaramuza/ skirmishing calivermen
8 figuras  / 8 figures (8 variants)   PVP: 4,25€

Hello World!


Totentanz is a brand new company. We produce wargame miniatures, mainly 1:100 scale, 16mm to the eyes figurines. We’ll start selling our figures in 2014 Autumn. ACW (Dixie) and 30YW (Tercio) will be our presentation ranges. I hope you like our figures,

Totentanz es una nueva compañía de figuras de wargame. Empezaremos este otoño con dos gamas de escala 1:100, 16mm hasta los ojos (vamos, el 15 de toda la vida).  Las gamas iniciales serán Guerra Civil Americana (Dixie) y Guerra de los 30 Años (Tercio). Espero que os gusten.